Epic Games initially revealed the Fortnite in 2011, which is a fusion of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft that has four players who must come together and search for stuff to build traps, fortifications, weapons and other items that will help them survive the monstrous attacks on them. However, the game had to stop during development because of external pressures that had to deal with the service model of the game and the developer’s internal shifts to beat the pressure from outside.

In June 2017, Epic Games planned to release their mobile games in 2018, with the iOS version starting while the Android version is yet to be announced.The game is a free to play the microtransactions fully support that. The early access release has the ‘Save the World,’ gameplay mode, that requires the players to be in a group of four. This four-group pattern will ensure that they work for survival and also complete any objective received from the maps generated.

During the later development of Fortnite in March 2017, the developer released the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on personal computers in early access.Interestingly, the game did well and became very successful. It was the success of the game that gave birth to the Battle Royale genre.The team that developed the game fell in love with the battlegrounds and ended up developing the Fortnite Battle Royale Android Game.

The success of the game

When the mobile Fortnite Battle Royale was released, it fetched within the first three days around $1 million in microtransaction revenue. The profit was impressive, and the fanbase of the game was mind-blowing. The interest came from students, parents, little kids, teachers and the younger audience.To prevent students getting distracted during classes, Epic Games made sure that it put a warning on the logging screen to help students stay focus in school. The gameplay is amazingly built to keep you up for many hours in the night. The battlegrounds mimicked real battles that you will end up loving the game.

As the world is eagerly waiting for the Android version of the game, you need to know that this is going to be impressive.

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